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MyProgressMD offers a revolutionary system of nutritional supplements and lifestyle coaching designed to help you obtain and maintain metabolic health. We use science-backed formulas and techniques that help you lose weight, prevent disease, and improve your overall quality of life.

At MyProgressMD, we don't just offer high-quality products, but we provide a complete system for healthier lifestyles. Each kit receives a specialized plan with instructions on how to best utilize the kit and optimize your nutrition. Make sure to download yours when you purchase a kit.

Our products are balanced to help you DeTox, DeCarb, and Replenish. Here's how:

  • DeTox: Free of cancer-linked glyphosate and other toxins
  • DeCarb: Low carb, allows body to focus on burning fat
  • Replenish: Restores natural gut biome, which helps metabolism, digestion, and a host of other problems

    All of our products are clinically proven to improve health and wellness. We lab-tested our products and systems and have science to prove our products' value.




    Products that Align with Your Health Goals

    We create products and kits that support you along your unique health journey. 


    Get everything you need for your specific health goals with our kits! You can purchase one and three month kits and even make your purchase reoccurring so you know you won't run out.


    Whether you have already undergone bariatric surgery or you need to prepare for procedure, we have the vitamins, proteins, and support you need. Fuel your metabolism and lose some weight before surgery with the Pre-Op Kit. Get the nutrients necessary to support the healing process after your procedure with the Recovery Kit. Thrive after your procedure with a Thrive Basic or Thrive Advanced Kit, as well as with many other Kits and individual products.


    Kick-start and support your metabolism with precise proteins and vitamins. Try individual products or the LowCarb Kick-Starter Kit, a complete and structured guide for anyone who wants to change their metabolism. This is an evidence-based starter plan to make low carb a lifestyle and get the benefits of sustainable energy, glucose control and hormonal balance.


    Shield against illness by improving your immune response with the Shield Basic or Shield Complete Kit, as well as individual products like the Wellness Booster supplements. If you haven't been eating as healthy as you'd like and you are concerned about your immune strength, these products are meant to optimize your health and provide key nutrients with immune protective properties. They include clinically-studied nutrients for immune resilience and whole body self-care.


    These individual supplements and protein powders can support anyone seeking to improve health and wellness.


    Regain your vitality and feel in charge of your life again with beauty-enhacing products. A nutritional imbalance will often show up in the form of hair loss and premature aging of the skin. Hair loss and an aging skin can be devastating for self-image and emotional well-being. Regain strong and beautiful hair, nails, and skin with our Hair, Nail, and Skin Starter Kit.


    Fuel your body by giving it the nutrients it needs so you can stay active and fit. Begin your workouts with a helping of vanilla or chocolate Whey Protein, and support your joints with our Super Joint Complex. Discover more fitness products in our store.


    Affiliate Program

    Enjoying MyProgressMD products? You can earn up to 10% in commission for every successful referral by joining our Affiliate Program. This program is free to join, and with our competitive conversion rates, you can maximize your earnings. Whether you have a large network, content site, are a social media influencer or blogger, we have simple linking tools to meet your advertising needs and help you monetize your experience.


    MyProgressMD Subscriptions

    Never want to run out of your favorite products, but don't want the hassle of reordering? No problem. Just select "Subscribe & Save" when you add a product to your cart, and you'll not only receive regular shipments of your chosen products, but you'll even save 10%. If you want to change your subscriptions, just adjust them here after logging in.


    Shipping, Returns & Refunds

    We offer free shipping to any customers in the US whose orders total $100.00 or more. If you wish to return items, we accept returns on unopened and unpersonalized items sent back with 30 days. We do not refund shipping costs. Please view our detailed policy for more information.


    Manufacturing Process

    We designed our manufacturing process to ensure quality of every product every time. We test our raw ingredients for freshness and final products for excellence.

    Some of our steps to ensure quality include:
    • Using amber colored recyclable glass bottles that preserve freshness
    • Writing labels to include all ingredients to avoid customer allergic reactions
    • Determining accurate best by dates for freshness
    • Encasing in full body, tamper-evident sleeves for safety

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